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Pre-Buy Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection in Tallmadge, OH

Negotiate Your Used Car Price with a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Every year, tens of thousands of motorists across the United States save money by purchasing a used car. Buying pre-owned makes sense from financial standpoint. Why pay thousands of dollars more for the latest bells and whistles when you can get an older car for far less money that meets all your transportation needs?

At the same time, buying a used car or truck involves a certain degree of risk. In sales where no warranty is included, you'll assume all the risk. We offer full Pre-Buy Inspections for your potential vehicle, in order to save you the time, money and headache of remedying a lemon situation. For more information about us and our services, feel free to browse our website and contact us about any questions. We offer services to anyone purchasing a vehicle from Marietta, GA, Kennesaw, GA, Smyrna, GA, or surrounding areas. Just call us at (770) 422-8428 to schedule your appointment today.

Are History Reports Useful? Vehicle history reports like those from CarFax can be helpful, but they're not perfect. According to Consumer Reports, car history reports depend in part on information reported to the police and auto insurance companies. However, not all owners report accidents. Furthermore, if you're looking at an old rental car, there's a chance it'll show a clean history even if it was involved in an accident. As reported on Consumer Reports, this is because many rental companies are self-insured.

What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is a type of inspection performed on a pre-owned vehicle before you buy it. During a pre-inspection check, service technicians thoroughly inspect your vehicle and inform you of the overall condition. An inspection can let you know if there's any heavy wear and tear, so you'll know if you need to replace any parts soon. You can use this information to renegotiate your buying price or avoid a bad sale altogether.

Pre-purchase inspections are highly recommended for used car sales that don't include a warranty or come with a short warranty.

Here's why a pre-purchase inspection is worth your time:

  • Negotiate Sale Price: If it looks like you'll need to replace the brake pads and rotors or another part of the vehicle soon, you can use this information to your advantage. Why pay a higher price when you know you're going to need to spend your time and money to get the vehicle serviced in the near future? You want a good deal that takes into account what's due for service soon.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind: It's frustrating to drive away in a newly purchased vehicle only to end up at the auto repair shop a week later. With a pre-purchase inspection, you know the condition of your vehicle and can drive without worry. Be confident and feel good about your choice knowing its true condition before you drive off the lot.
  • Avoid Bad Deals: No one wants to regret purchasing their next car. If a vehicle isn't all the seller claims it to be, you deserve to know. Be a savvy buyer, and get a pre-purchase inspection to see if you're buying someone else's problems or scoring a good price on a good car.

Before you buy a pre-owned vehicle, contact Circle City Tire at Jett Service Station for a pre-purchase inspection. We serve Marietta, GA, Kennesaw, GA, Smyrna, GA, and surrounding areas. Call for more information.

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